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Project Description
Like using the default SQL Provider implementations from Microsoft shipped as part of the .Net Install package? so do we.
Hate the fact that the lack of database schemas and use of table naming practices straight out of SQL 7? so do we.

With the open sourcing of the built-in SQL Providers by Microsoft we decided that because of the absolute eyesore the SQL is, we should perform a quick tweak to the source and provide a slightly better version of the code. We did not touch any of the logic or code itself (other than to fix the naming conventions and modifications required to support the former). This means that if you use the Out Of Box version, you are going to have a plug in play story to leverage this.

What's Changed?

We've tried to keep any changes isolated to naming conventions only. Specifically, this deals with the creation of a new database schema named 'aspnet'. All tables, views, and stored procedure DDL have been moved into the new schema. In order to accelerate your adoption we've already ported all calls from the old objects already and supplied a strong named assembly for use. For folks that do not directly invoke any SQL resources you will have nothing to do but swap out the provider configuration and be on your way. For those that have extended or are directly using the default objects, in most cases all items have been moved into the new schema and redundancies removed (i.e. dbo.aspnet_Roles is now aspnet.Roles). The existing views have also had their hungarian prefixes removed and in the case of the few name collisions, suffixed with 'View'.

Latest News

A supported release of a SQL Azure compatible version of the alternate scripts is now available in the Downloads
Standard version is now RTW and fully supported!

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